How much space will an Aether air purifier cover?

Aether air purifier is designed to fit variety of usage. It can cover areas up to 100 square feet effectively. For optimum efficiency, the air purifier should be put no more than 4fts from the user.

What are the types of filters that Aether air purifiers use?

Each Aether air purifier comes with a washable and reusable stainless steel pre-filter. We also offer 3M static filter as a substitute of the stainless steel pre-filter for users who desire better filtration on particulate matter (PM2.5), pollen and etc.

Each 3M static filter can last 3-4 weeks depends on the environment and can be ordered through our customer service. Price for 3M static filter is 9.99/12 pieces.

Does Aether air purifiers remove odors?

Yes, our UV + 3D nanotechnology processed photochemical filter can reduce and remove odor effectively. Especially for smells come from cooking, musty, pet, home renovation and etc.

Where should I place my Aether air purifier?

Our mighty little guy can be put anywhere. It can be put in your home, dorm or office cube…etc. Also, make Aether air purifier your personal air protector. Use it while you are traveling, taking ride-sharing service or in hotel room.

How much maintenance is required for the air filters?

It depends on the air quality of the place you put your air purifier and the pre-filter you use. Generally, it is recommended to wash or replace your pre-filter every 2-3 weeks to get the best effective.

How long should I run my air purifier?

For best results, we recommend to continuously run your Aether air purifier. To help with noise and electricity costs, set your Aether air purifier to the lowest level of power.

How much does it cost to operate an Aether air purifier?

Aether air purifiers adopt high-efficiency fan from trusted brand. The energy consumed by an Aether air purifier can be as low as 1 kWh per month.

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